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In Christ, we are one body, and each part of that body is equipped to do different things well.  At St. Timothy’s we are blessed with unique talents that have served our members and communities well for many years. As we meet the challenges of today, we can always do a little more, or try something different and new.  It is tempting for us to underestimate the value of what we have to offer- but we all have gifts! We encourage you, the young and the mature, long-standing members and those who have recently arrived, to examine how you might use your unique branding, your individual talents to support your church in a renewed way.

First, find out what gifts the Holy Spirit has blessed you with at our Gifts Inventory Day on Sunday, September 15th.  You will hear a sermon on what gifts God gives us and how to discern what they are, we will then complete a small questionnaire to find out how you are personally gifted.

Once you are armed with this information, you will be invited to attend our Ministry Fair, held on Sunday, September 29th.  On that day, we will showcase the work of a variety of our ministries and groups that currently contribute to the strength of our one body here at St. Timothy’s Anglican Church.  Come, explore, and consider the options!